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Products : Plaster equipments

Our range of plaster equipments

1/ Rotary plaster kilns

GUPSOS designs and realizes some parts of production lines or turnkey units: from raw material crushing units (gypsum) to bagging machinery, with different types of kilns which perfectly respect high quality and innovating requirements. :


> The indirect firing, rotary, horizontal, BEAU type kiln, with patented    process

It is the special kiln in our range of equipments which is perfectly suitable for production of every types of Beta hemi-hydrate plasters.
According to how the adjustment parameters are fixed, the using time of produced plaster can be long or short.
The produced plasters, with this BEAU type kiln are perfectly clean, without any pollution.
And the BEAU type kiln produces really WHITE plasters (Plaster of Paris).

Different production capacities :
  • BEAU 2 : 100 T/day
  • BEAU 3 : 200 T/day 
  • BEAU 3S : 300 T/day

Different plaster uses :

> Production of all the types of Beta hemi-hydrates for prefabrication (plaster blocks, ceiling…), construction, wall plastering and moulding (stucco, staff, decoration), ceramics, adhesives, medical and special products.

> The direct firing, rotary kiln, for production of beta hemi-hydrate and production of anhydrite II plaster

2/ Production unit with autoclave for alpha hemi-hydrate plaster

3/ Rotary coolers, with tubular exchange



You could meet our customers in any country of the world. Many of them are especially producing plasters in Europe and Maghreb.


According to your needs, the best way to be sure you will trust our ability is to propose to visit any of our references… so:

• Cooking unit with BEAU type kiln 3S, capacity 300 T/day,
• Complete plaster plants with BEAU type kilns 3, capacity of each depending on the final plaster, and which is between 110 to 200 T/day,
• Complete cooking unit with direct firing kiln for Beta hemi-hydrate plaster,
• Complete cooking unit with rotary direct firing kiln for anhydrite II,
• Rotary coolers.

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